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:: News ::

I'm hoping this section, the Newsletter and the Articles section become the most visited parts of the site. On a regular basis I will update new items on the Current News page as events unfold for the many facets of Unit City Constructions's business as well as industry-related news which some of you might find relevant. This page isn't just a PR exercise, there'll be serious points of interest that directly affect your business. You can find all of these news items here.

:: Newsletter ::

Additionally, Unit City Constructions releases a quarterly e-Newsletter detailing internal developments, industry news in slightly more detail than in the news section, a selection of articles as well as some of the acheivements of our clients. It's a great way to not only disseminate useful information, but also for networking and cross-promotion.

All of the people Unit City Constructions has done business with over the years have been hard-working, diligent business men and women who have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and built fantastic products and services. Unit City Constructions is proud to provide this opportunity to share some of the wonderful work they've done with other clients.

Also included are a couple of jokes (for those that know me, I'm sorry in advance, but I can't resist that kind of thing) as well as some serious resources that I've found over time, both on the Internet and through off-line avenues.

Why not sign up for a copy to be sent to your Inbox? Just enter your email address to the right and hit "OK". And don't worry, if for some unknown reason, you get sick of them ( though I can't think why), I'll take you off the list immediately after you click on unsubscribe. While you're here though, you should check out the latest issue.

:: Articles ::

From time to time, I tend to get up on my soap-box and shout my opinion to anyone who stands around bothering to listen. That's partly what this section covers. More importantly, though, there will be serious articles posted offering FREE [not an error], yes FREE advice on all matters pertaining to the wonderful world of commerce.

Topics will range from warehousing strategies to a run-down of the latest CRM software packages, from factory floor Quality Control to email viral marketing campaign do's and don'ts. Take some time out now and have a read.

If you would like to contribute an article, I would be more than happy to read it and, providing there are no rude bits, put it up for all to see. Just click on the link to send an email to me containing the article, your name and company and, preferrably, a contact number: Submit an Article.

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